Opening an SSH Tunnel in an Azure DevOps Pipeline

I needed to be able to open an SSH tunnel in one of my Azure pipelines recently to get access to some databases hosted in AWS for running various integration tests. I knew it had to be possible, as other applications are able to open tunnels. The one item that […]

Uploading Files with HttpClient in .NET 6

The Problem I recently needed to figure out a way to send files to a third-party “document manager” system using HttpClient in .NET 6.0. This “document manager” system already had an API for uploading files, which we had previously gotten working in our teams Postman collection. Before we dive in, […]

Installing Docker, and Docker-Compose, in WSL2/Ubuntu on Windows

Docker Desktop just announced/released their new subscription model, and it hasn’t set well with many folks. The good news is there are ways around it, even on Windows. To get started, I’m running Windows 10 and have WSL2 installed running Ubuntu. Even more specifically: This likely works across multiple versions […]

Real-Time UI Updates with Postgres and SignalR

In one of my web applications at work, we provide a (Google) map and then set markers at various GPS coordinates. Those GPS coordinates are obtained through third-party vendor APIs on a schedule, and the results are stored in our database. Since the webpage that shows this map and markers […]

GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Committing Changes

In my previous post, “GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Add & Remove Files“, we went over how to add and remove (stage and unstage) changes using the GitKraken Git GUI application. In this post, I’m going to show you how to commit those changes to your repository. The very first thing […]

GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Add & Remove Files

In my previous post, “GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Cloning a Repository“, we went over how to do just that. Now that we have a repository to work with, we need to make some changes! Maybe that involves changing existing files or adding new ones. However, just editing or creating files […]

GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Cloning a Repository

If you’re new to the GitKraken Git GUI or interested in it, one of the first things you’ll want to do after installing is clone a repository so you can get to work. There are three ways in the GitKraken Git GUI to “initiate” the cloning of a repository. Each […]

Git Tag Based Released Process Using GitHub Actions

In a previous post, I discussed how I was able to get a .NET Framework application built using GitHub actions. Go check out that post for the full YAML’y goodness. In this post, however, I want to explain how I modified that original GitHub Action to take advantage of git […]