SVN-to-Git Migration Scripts

A set of shell / bash helper scripts I created (sourced from various corners of the internet) to be used in migrating an SVN repository to Git.

Presentation Mode (incomplete)

An extension for Visual Studio, that provides a toggle for turning on/off “presentation mode”. “Presentation Mode” is defined as a set of settings for font face, font size, etc.

Better User Secrets

An extension for Visual Studio, that provides a project context menu for managing your user secrets. The difference that this extension provides, is that it allows you to manage them on project types OTHER than Web, which is the built-in behavior.

Open In Notepad++

A Visual Studio extension that adds a menu command that lets you open any solution, project, folder or file in Notepad++.

This extension is for those times where you have a project open in Visual Studio and you want to be able to quickly open it in Notepad++.

CouchbaseExplorer (incomplete)

An extension for Visual Studio (currently incomplete), for communicating with a Couchbase Server, while staying in Visual Studio.