Opening an SSH Tunnel in an Azure DevOps Pipeline

I needed to be able to open an SSH tunnel in one of my Azure pipelines recently to get access to some databases hosted in AWS for running various integration tests. I knew it had to be possible, as other applications are able to open tunnels. The one item that […]

Deleting Failed AzureDevOps Service Connections

I’ve let them linger for too long. It’s time to figure out a way to delete the three service connections in my Azure DevOps project that don’t work and can’t be deleted through the UI. There has to be a way! There is. It involves the AzureDevOps API, a Personal […]

Storing Images in Azure Blog Storage with Ease

On a recent project, we had a need to integrate Azure blob storage with our web application (also hosted on Azure) to store images. What we found, is that it’s so easy! Let’s take a look at what we had to do (and how LITTLE code we had to write) […]