CodeMash 2018 Review

After missing CodeMash last year for my wife’s cancer surgery, I was able to make my triumphant return to CodeMash this year. I had a great time, meeting new people, talking to old friends, and getting to spend some time with coworkers (old AND new). The food was fantastic – […]

CodeMash 2015 Review

I’ve known about CodeMash for about 3 years, and of those three years, I had to skip out on TWO of them. The first year had already sold out before I found out, so there wasn’t much I could do in that situation. The second year, our daughter was born […]

StirTrek 2013 Review

Oh man, StirTrek was awesome this year! There were a ton of people there – I think around 1200, total. It did, at times, make me a little claustrophobic, which I have never had a problem with before, so that was new 🙂 Let’s get straight to the details…. Registration […]

CodePaLOUsa 2013 Review

I had the opportunity this year to attend one of the midwest’s premiere community-ran developer conferences, CodePaLOUsa, which was held in Louisville, KY on April 25th-27th. The first day of the conference was all pre-compiler workshops, which I did not attend (and therefore cannot review). April 26th Keynote The first […]