Is CodeLens Enabled?

How can you determine, in your own Visual Studio extension, if a global Visual Studio setting is turned on or not? Read on to find out!

Extending Visual Studio CodeLens Functionality

If you have your own Visual Studio extension, and you want to add your own custom CodeLens entries – I’m here to help, because I just (finally!) figured out how to do this (plus a few extras!) First, let me start by saying that I’ve only “proven” this method with […]

Uploading Files with HttpClient in .NET 6

The Problem I recently needed to figure out a way to send files to a third-party “document manager” system using HttpClient in .NET 6.0. This “document manager” system already had an API for uploading files, which we had previously gotten working in our teams Postman collection. Before we dive in, […]

Git Tag Based Released Process Using GitHub Actions

In a previous post, I discussed how I was able to get a .NET Framework application built using GitHub actions. Go check out that post for the full YAML’y goodness. In this post, however, I want to explain how I modified that original GitHub Action to take advantage of git […]

Clean Coding in C# – Part I

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that being clever with your code is a waste of time and energy. The simpler, the better. Part of being “simpler”, to me, falls into the paradigm of “clean code”. But – what does “clean code” actually mean? In this post, we’ll […]