C# 8.0 – Switch Expressions

In C# 8.0, a new form of “switch” was introduced. While similar, you’ll find that this new “switch expression” is more concise than it’s “switch statement” counterpart as it does not require all the various keywords (case, break, default, etc.). Take this, albeit a contrived, example, starting with this enum […]

Xamarin.Forms – Debouncing an Entry Field

Curious what “debounce” means? Check out my previous entry to the Software Developers’ Dictionary to find out! I recently had a requirement to add a search field to my Xamarin.Forms / Prism application at work. This application has no local data, and for every search, hits an API endpoint that […]

C# 8 is old news. Onward, to C# 9!

This post is part of the 2019 C# Advent Calendar. Check it out here, for other AWESOME posts. Did you know that planning is already underway for the ninth version of the C# language? Now, to be fair, this has been in the planning phases long, LONG, before C# 8 […]

Becoming a Microsoft MVP

On November 1, 2019, I received an email stating that I had been awarded Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies for my community contributions. I was actually in a conference call with some work folks when I received the email, and I may have – MAY – have got a little […]

Launch of the .NET Bytes Podcast!

Just a quick post today about the launch of our new podcast, “.NET Bytes“. And, by “our”, I mean me and Matt Groves (of Cross-Cutting-Concerns fame) The idea behind this podcast is to be an aggregate source of news about .NET / C# / Visual Studio / etc., but to […]

C#, .NET, and Visual Studio – 2018 Year in Review

My second contribution to this year’s CSAdvent (and one of the final two posts!), hosted by my buddy Matt Groves. Visit https://crosscuttingconcerns.com/The-Second-Annual-C-Advent to see the full calendar of posts! The past year has been wonderful for the C# / .NET / Visual Studio developer community, so let’s take a quick […]

Using .editorconfig in Visual Studio to create discoverable standards

My contribution to this year’s CSAdvent, hosted by my buddy Matt Groves, is all about trying to surface your coding and naming standards right in Visual Studio. Visit https://crosscuttingconcerns.com/The-Second-Annual-C-Advent to see the full calendar of posts! Starting in Visual Studio 2017, we have the option of using an .editorconfig file […]