Extending Visual Studio CodeLens Functionality

If you have your own Visual Studio extension, and you want to add your own custom CodeLens entries – I’m here to help, because I just (finally!) figured out how to do this (plus a few extras!) First, let me start by saying that I’ve only “proven” this method with […]

Visual Studio Extension – Open in Notepad++

The past weekend, I took a few moments to relish in the “fun” that is programming something that is not work-related. That creation came to be a Visual Studio extension, known as, “Open in Notepad++”. You might be wondering, what does this extension even do? Well, it adds a new […]

Three ‘Must Have’ Visual Studio Extensions

Every single time I install Visual Studio, the very next step I take is to install my favorite extensions. I only have three, and here they are, in order: ReSharper – I can’t live without this anymore. I’m finally to the point where I have a lot of shortcuts memorized. […]