GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Committing Changes

In my previous post, “GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Add & Remove Files“, we went over how to add and remove (stage and unstage) changes using the GitKraken Git GUI application. In this post, I’m going to show you how to commit those changes to your repository. The very first thing […]

GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Add & Remove Files

In my previous post, “GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Cloning a Repository“, we went over how to do just that. Now that we have a repository to work with, we need to make some changes! Maybe that involves changing existing files or adding new ones. However, just editing or creating files […]

GitKraken Git GUI How-To: Cloning a Repository

If you’re new to the GitKraken Git GUI or interested in it, one of the first things you’ll want to do after installing is clone a repository so you can get to work. There are three ways in the GitKraken Git GUI to “initiate” the cloning of a repository. Each […]

Launch GitKraken Using a PowerShell Alias

It’s no surprise how much I love GitKraken (the single best Git GUI in existence), right? At the same time, I still love the command-line (my preferred console at this point being PowerShell Core). I kept finding myself at the command-line, doing something in my local repository, and wanting to […]

Becoming a GitKraken Ambassador

I’ve been promoting the GitKraken Git Client for a little while on social media, because it’s such a beautiful, cross-platform, and just overall fantastic GUI Git client made by the folks over at Axosoft. Recently, I learned that Axosoft started a GitKraken Ambassador program. The idea being that you help […]