Is CodeLens Enabled?

How can you determine, in your own Visual Studio extension, if a global Visual Studio setting is turned on or not? Read on to find out!

Launch of the .NET Bytes Podcast!

Just a quick post today about the launch of our new podcast, “.NET Bytes“. And, by “our”, I mean me and Matt Groves (of Cross-Cutting-Concerns fame) The idea behind this podcast is to be an aggregate source of news about .NET / C# / Visual Studio / etc., but to […]

C#, .NET, and Visual Studio – 2018 Year in Review

My second contribution to this year’s CSAdvent (and one of the final two posts!), hosted by my buddy Matt Groves. Visit to see the full calendar of posts! The past year has been wonderful for the C# / .NET / Visual Studio developer community, so let’s take a quick […]

Using .editorconfig in Visual Studio to create discoverable standards

My contribution to this year’s CSAdvent, hosted by my buddy Matt Groves, is all about trying to surface your coding and naming standards right in Visual Studio. Visit to see the full calendar of posts! Starting in Visual Studio 2017, we have the option of using an .editorconfig file […]

Live Unit Testing in Visual Studio 2017

Welcome to the Christmas Eve edition (December 24th, 2017) of the inaugural C# Advent Calendar! Please go and check out the other 23 awesome posts in the series. I hope you enjoy this post / find something useful from it, and then go forth and have a very Merry Christmas! […]

Visual Studio Extension – Open in Notepad++

The past weekend, I took a few moments to relish in the “fun” that is programming something that is not work-related. That creation came to be a Visual Studio extension, known as, “Open in Notepad++”. You might be wondering, what does this extension even do? Well, it adds a new […]

Three ‘Must Have’ Visual Studio Extensions

Every single time I install Visual Studio, the very next step I take is to install my favorite extensions. I only have three, and here they are, in order: ReSharper – I can’t live without this anymore. I’m finally to the point where I have a lot of shortcuts memorized. […]