Who am I?

Calvin is a C# / .NET Engineer at New Relic, Inc. (where he works on CodeStream!), a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies, and host of the .NET Bytes podcast (on hiatus).

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Latest Posts

I'm Writing a Book!
18 July 2023

I'm partnering with Apress to bring and IDE extensibility book to market!

Introducing the 'Open Bin Folder' Visual Studio - for Mac - extension!
04 July 2023

I decided to port another of my Visual Studio (for Windows) extensions over to Visual Studio for Mac!

Finding Symbols in Your C# Projects Using Roslyn
30 June 2023

From a Visual Studio extension, learn how to search and navigate to, a symbol in the currently loaded solution using Roslyn.

My Video Recording / Live Streaming Setup
01 June 2023

Definitely a meta-post, but I've had a few questions about the hardware I started using to produce videos / live-stream

Introducing the 'Super Clean' Visual Studio - for Mac - extension!
19 April 2023

Visual Studio for Mac gets left out of the loop sometimes when we talk about extensibility, unfortunately. I decided to learn how, and this is my story!

Introducing the 'Breakpoint Notifier' Visual Studio extension!
09 April 2023

Another new Visual Studio extension based on a request from a friend. Take a look, let me know what you think!