Becoming a GitKraken Ambassador

Becoming a GitKraken Ambassador

I’ve been promoting the GitKraken Git Client for a little while on social media, because it’s such a beautiful, cross-platform, and just overall fantastic GUI Git client made by the folks over at Axosoft.

Recently, I learned that Axosoft started a GitKraken Ambassador program. The idea being that you help promote the product, and they provide “swag” (shirts, stickers, etc.) to give away - plus, they give you (as an Ambassador) a free one year license for GitKraken (and, no, I didn’t know about that part when applying :)).

Since I was already happily promoting the product, I applied, and earlier this evening learned that I was accepted!

What does this mean? Well, I’ll still be promoting the product, but I’ll probably make it a little more obvious (referral links, using it on live streams and videos, working it into conference talks, etc.). I’ll also be spending some time checking out (and promoting) GitKraken Glo Boards(a “Trello” competitor that integrates directly into the GitKraken Git Client)

If you’d like to try out GitKraken, maybe download it and give it a shot?

If you do, please let me know what you think!

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