Introducing the 'Open Bin Folder' Visual Studio - for Mac - extension!
04 July 2023

I decided to port another of my Visual Studio (for Windows) extensions over to Visual Studio for Mac!

Finding Symbols in Your C# Projects Using Roslyn
30 June 2023

From a Visual Studio extension, learn how to search and navigate to, a symbol in the currently loaded solution using Roslyn.

My Video Recording / Live Streaming Setup
01 June 2023

Definitely a meta-post, but I've had a few questions about the hardware I started using to produce videos / live-stream

Introducing the 'Super Clean' Visual Studio - for Mac - extension!
19 April 2023

Visual Studio for Mac gets left out of the loop sometimes when we talk about extensibility, unfortunately. I decided to learn how, and this is my story!

Introducing the 'Breakpoint Notifier' Visual Studio extension!
09 April 2023

Another new Visual Studio extension based on a request from a friend. Take a look, let me know what you think!

Introducing the 'Visual Studio VSIX Signer' GitHub Action
06 April 2023

Before you deploy that Visual Studio extension, you may want to sign it so folks know you're legit. This GitHub Action can help!

Introducing the 'Visual Studio VSIX Versioner' GitHub Action
05 April 2023

Having problems versioning that Visual Studio extension you're trying to publish through a GitHub workflow? I gotchu.

Introducing the
04 April 2023

You've got your own Visual Studio extension, open source on GitHub, but you need to figure out HOW to publish it to the Visual Studio marketplace - this new GitHub Action can help!

Introducing the 'Super Clean' Visual Studio extension!
03 April 2023

I released another new extension for Visual Studio, and I want you to know about it!