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Running Your Test Suite in Azure DevOps On A Mac Build Agent And Publishing The Results
21 March 2020

How do you run your test suite in Azure DevOps, while using a Mac build agent, and then publish the results? Read on to find out!

C# 8.0 - Switch Expressions
01 February 2020

Switch 'expressions' are a more concise version of a switch 'statement' that was released in C# 8.0. Let's take a look!

My Blogging Process - Part 2
24 January 2020

Another 'meta' post about blogging, but in this article, we'll take a look at the automation I've built around my blog for spreading the word on the social medias

My Blogging Process - Part 1
21 January 2020

Somewhat of a 'meta' post, but here's how I get new blog posts into the world!

Xamarin Forms - Debouncing an Entry Field
18 January 2020

While adding a search-as-you-type input to our Xamarin.Forms application, I wanted to 'debounce' it to save network requests. Read on to find out how I did it

The Software Developers' Dictionary - Debounce
18 January 2020

Let's take a look at the definition of 'debounce', a term used in software development, that doesn't exist in modern language dictionaries.

Getting Started with Xamarin.Forms, Prism, and Unity
29 December 2019

Let's go over what I just went through recently to get a new Xamarin.Forms project stood up with Prism and and Unity (for IoC/DI).

Quick Tip: Using Visual Studio Code from the Command-Line on macOS
26 December 2019

I recently needed to automate launching VSCode from a rake task on my Macbook.. This post shows the steps necessary to allow this to work.

C# 8 is old news.  Onward, to C# 9!
25 December 2019

Let's take a peek at the current list of proposals for C# 9!