Creating a default Fiddler rule for Localhost traffic only

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Fiddler is a fantastic tool for assisting in debugging HTTP request/responses.

However, god forbid you try to scan the activity list for a specific request when other applications are constantly making outbound HTTP/S calls. Within a matter of seconds, the result view is chock full of crap.

I toyed around with the “custom rules” in Fiddler before, but lost them somewhere along the way - upgrades, new machines, etc.

Today, I decided to finally tackle it again. However, I wanted to add the rule as an option in the menu that is enabled by default, so that as soon as I launch Fiddler, it is automatically filtering the request output.

Start by launching Fiddler, and going to Rules | Customize Rules in the menu bar.

This will launch the Fiddler ScriptEditor.

Inside of the Handlers class, add the following code, which sets up a new menu item under “Rules”, called “Show Localhost Only”, with a default of true:

public static RulesOption("Show Localhost Only")
var m_ShowLocalhostOnly: boolean = true;

Now, scroll down until you find the OnBeforeRequest method. Looks like this:

static function OnBeforeRequest(oSession: Session) {        

Inside of that method, add the following conditional:

if (m_ShowLocalhostOnly &&"") == -1) {
	oSession["ui-hide"] = "true";

Locally, when I’m developing, I have hostnames setup for all of my sites using as the TLD. If you utilize something a little different, just modify the indexOf method inside of the if block.

Now, when I launch Fiddler, all of my requests are filtered out, by default, except for entries to * (Except for the Fiddler update check, because apparently that happens before the rule gets applied).

And, if I need to look at the other crap being logged, I can just toggle the menu item and turn it off for the duration of that Fiddler session.