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Generating Code Coverage Metrics for .NET Framework Applications
18 August 2022

Many have tried generating Code Coverage metrics for .NET Framework applications, yet only few have succeeded. Even fewer choose to tell their story This is my success story.

Is CodeLens Enabled?
08 June 2022

What this did, however, is gave us cause for figuring out if CodeLens is enabled in Visual Studio at all (our provider doesn't do much good if everything is disabled).

Adding a CLA Bot to Your GitHub Repository
27 May 2022

Today, I spent a little bit of time figuring out how to get a proper CLA bot attached to some GitHub repositories. Gotta tell ya, it wasn't that hard, but I wanted to blog it anyway so I can refer back when I have to do it again in 5 years.

Extending Visual Studio CodeLens Functionality
24 May 2022

If you have your own Visual Studio extension, and you want to add your own custom CodeLens entries - I'm here to help, because I just (finally!) figured out how to do this (plus a few extras!)

Opening an SSH Tuneel in an Azure DevOps Pipeline
02 May 2022

I needed to be able to open an SSH tunnel in one of my Azure pipelines recently to get access to some databases hosted in AWS for running various integration tests.

Uploading Files with HttpClient in .NET 6
12 April 2022

I recently needed to figure out a way to send files to a third-party 'document manager' system using `HttpClient` in .NET 6.0. This 'document manager' system already had an API for uploading files, which we had previously gotten working in our teams Postman collection.

What's the Difference Anyway?! Class, Struct, Record, oh my!
25 December 2021

In this post, we'll talk briefly about the differences between a class, struct, and a record in C#.

Installing Docker, and Docker-Compose, in WSL2/Ubuntu on Windows
02 September 2021

Since Docker Desktop has a new subscription model, I needed a way to run docker and docker-compose, without subscribing. That's easier said than done on Windows, though, so WSL2 to the rescue!

Real-Time UI Updates with Postgres and SignalR
16 May 2021

In this post, I'll discuss how I sent new database records to the UI with Postgres and SignalR.