My Video Recording / Live Streaming Setup
01 June 2023

Definitely a meta-post, but I've had a few questions about the hardware I started using to produce videos / live-stream

My Blogging Process - Part 2
24 January 2020

Another 'meta' post about blogging, but in this article, we'll take a look at the automation I've built around my blog for spreading the word on the social medias

My Blogging Process - Part 1
21 January 2020

Somewhat of a 'meta' post, but here's how I get new blog posts into the world!

Cross-posting to Dev.To
18 May 2019

I've started cross-posting all blog posts over to my profile. Have you?

Becoming a GitKraken Ambassador
17 May 2019

I've been accepted into the GitKraken Ambassadorship program - let's discuss!

Challenge, Accepted!
23 May 2014