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Becoming a Microsoft MVP
11 November 2019

I was awarded MVP status by Microsoft in Developer Technologies on November 1, 2019! This is my story....

Launch GitKraken Using a PowerShell Alias
20 July 2019

I usually have a powershell window open to an active projects folder, and sometimes I just want to fire off GitKraken at that same folder, from the PowerShell window.

Cross-posting to Dev.To
18 May 2019

I've started cross-posting all blog posts over to my profile. Have you?

Becoming a GitKraken Ambassador
17 May 2019

I've been accepted into the GitKraken Ambassadorship program - let's discuss!

Launch of the .NET Bytes Podcast!
04 March 2019

I've launched a new podcast with Matt Groves (of the Cross-Cutting-Concerns fame) to disseminate the news about .NET, C#, Visual Studio and everything in between from Redmond (Microsoft) and around the world!

C#, .NET, and Visual Studio - 2018 Year in Review
25 December 2018

Let's take a look back through 2018 to see how C#, .NET, and Visual Studio have progressed!

Using .editorconfig in Visual Studio to create discoverable standards
05 December 2018

Using .editorconfig in Visual Studio to create discoverable standards

The Software Developers' Dictionary - Boxing
21 June 2018

Let's take a look at the definition, and some examples, of what 'Boxing' really means

The Software Developers' Dictionary
14 June 2018

Starting a dictionary for software professionals, because we like to use strange terms that have no meaning in traditional life.